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Yin Yoga and Meridians Teacher Training - 30 hours

Using the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Theory as a foundation, learn how Yin Yoga poses can stimulate meridians and balance Chi flow, and in doing so, initiate profound energetic, physical, emotional and mental shifts.

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Yin Anatomy Teacher Training - 50 hours

50-hour Yin Anatomy Teacher Training with José De Groot. Gain a deeper understanding of the body's anatomy and physiology, and its relationship to Yin yoga. Learn how to safely plan and teach sequences designed to access the many benefits of a Yin yoga practice. 

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Fundamentals of Ayurveda - 4 hours

Learn the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, get in touch with your unique constitution and understand how lifestyle and diet choices influence it. Discover a practical, step-by-step morning routine to help you set the tone for the day and best support your body and mind.

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The Art of Sequencing - 6 hours

An informative and practical six-hour workshop, with Esther Ekhart, to help you design and prepare an intelligent, safe and well-balanced sequence, whether you are a yoga teacher or are working on your own home practice.

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Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Anat Geiger - 4 hours

Explore the first two chapters of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with a special focus on the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Discover the message and purpose of each Limb of Yoga and how to integrate them into your practice and life.

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The Business of Yoga - 4.5 hours

An inspiring and in-depth course designed to help you kick-start and grow an authentic and successful yoga business. Ava shares the lessons she learnt from her many years of experience working with leading yoga teachers, studios and brands. 

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Conscious Communication for Yoga Teachers - 2 hours

Practice conscious communication with David Lurey, to help bridge the gap between what you communicate to the world and how you are seen, heard and perceived. Enhance your communication to help you engage and teach your students, or interact with others.

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Embodied Anatomy Immersion for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners - 23 hours

Explore the body's skeletal structure and tissues, habitual patterns, and the different elements that affect how the body moves. Journey through the body's anatomy and learn how to prevent injury.

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